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Our Initiatives

Island Pathways spearheads:
1. building the Ganges Village Pathway Network;
2. publishing the Salt Spring Heritage Map with Bike Routes;
3. fitting 500+ island kids with bike helmets for cost;
4. installing bike racks, 36 on island so far;
5. lobbying to get a paved bikeway through Salt Spring;
6. hosting special events like Velo Village 2012;
7. holding other, smaller gatherings like an Easter Bicycle Parade, a cycling forum, yearly AGM speakers.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Island Pathways won two big awards this fall, and director Jean Gelwicks won a BC Community Achievement Award this winter, in part for her Island Pathways work.

CRD EcoStar Award for Climate Action - video:

Bicycle Trade Association of Canada:

BC Community Achievement Award:

Thursday, 23 May 2013


The PCMP: SSI Edition is launched, and it's fabulous - everything we've been working for and advocating, for the last 25+ years, is in here - and more!

It covers the big E of Engineering, all the infrastructure requirements for building a bikeway through the island, connecting us to the CRD and CVRD regional trails.

Island Pathways put a lot into it, working closely with the CRD and Alta Planning to make it substantial and rock solid.

As well, we have a great Community Compendium spearheaded by Torill Gillespie, covering the vital E's of Education, Empowerment, Enforcement, and Evaluation. It's not launched yet on the CRD website, but e-mail "islandpathways.brenda 'at'" for more info' about it.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

2013 May 06: The Salt Spring Island Transportation Commission supports Island Pathways' call for a safety audit of Fulford hill prior to BC Ferries' upgrade slated for completion this coming fall. Click on the image to read.


Saturday, 27 April 2013


The Capital Regional District Regional (CRD) Parks Department retained JE Anderson & Associates to complete a feasibility study regarding biking and walking on the Fulford Ganges Road hill south of Ganges on Salt Spring Island. The early goal of this feasibility review was to select two options and prepare Class D cost estimates (rough order-of-magnitude project cost) for both options. ... Based on draft cost estimate, sketches, and a site visit, an additional option was requested for inclusion in the feasibility study.

click on the table to see full size

The full 16-page report plus preliminary design plans were presented at the 2013 April 23 meeting of the Salt Spring Island Transportation Commission (SSITC). The report is available in the agenda package for the meeting, pages 2-14:
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